Monthly YOGA Workshop Series @ Recreative Spaces

Introducing the first in a series of monthly workshops, led by ReCreative Spaces’ Wednesday evening yoga instructor, Hermione Rhones. The series will kickoff with “Partner Yoga” on January 27. Visit Evenbrite page for more information.

Bring a long time friend or new one that you want to build with. Bring a family member or your significant other and call it “date night.” You can also come solo and make a new friend.

Partner yoga is a creative and fun way to build stronger communication, and to create and nurture trust in your intimate relationships. We will explore weight sharing movement, partner assisted stretches and unison breathing exercises that promise to:

  • cultivate and enhance physical and emotional support
  • create shared moments of fun and laughter
  • improve self-awareness, trust, and release
  • enhance your sense of balance
  • develop your sense of touch and playful intimacy (non-sexual)

Afterwards, we’ll stay for light snacks and wine.

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